Former cop passes on plea deal, will take his chances with a jury

Former Horry County police detective Allen Large will to take his chances with a jury and stand trial next month rather than accept a plea deal offered by the S.C. Attorney General office.

Large was indicted last fall by a grand jury on five counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly coercing victims whose cases he was assigned to investigate to engage with him in sexual situations. Large also was indicted on six counts of misconduct in office.

“He never officially rejected our plea offer but, because he never accepted it either and the deadline passed, that offer is now off the table. He’s scheduled to go to trial the week of September 18th,” said Robert Kittle, spokesman for the attorney general.

Also indicted were former Horry County police officials Darryl Williams, who faces nine counts of misconduct in office; Todd Cox, charged with 16 counts of misconduct in office, and Luke Green, who faces three counts of misconduct in office.

Green’s lawyer made a counter-offer of allowing him to enter pretrial intervention and that he surrender his law enforcement credentials and never work in law enforcement again. The attorney general accepted that offer.

Williams also never accepted the plea deal so that offer is also off the table, and he’s likely to go to trial, Kittle said.

Prosecutors are still waiting to hear back from Cox’s lawyer about the plea deal he was offered.

No details of the plea offers made to the accused have been made public.

Audrey Hudson: 843-444-1765, @AudreyHudson