Plans approved for new construction at site of Banditos

The Beach Club, located at the site of Banditos along the boardwalk, went in front of the Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board Thursday afternoon, and the new plan for the site was approved.

“This is light years ahead of the original plan,” board member Larry Bragg said during the meeting.

The new plan shows the four-level development more vibrantly, incorporating brighter colors, as well as vegetation to give it more of a ‘beach feel.’

“[There are] beautiful tiles there to the left and then the center with the blues, lighter grays,” said Bragg. “It seems so vibrant.”

Earlier this month, original plans were not approved after the presentation “was unanimously not received in a good light,” Bragg had told The Sun News.

“The design was lacking as far as a design that would compliment all that’s going on regarding ocean front and second row [properties] during the last three to five years,” Bragg said to The Sun News. “[It] was a reminder of the 1980’s, and not in a good way.”

There are a couple of tenants already locked into available spots, but an official announcement will be sent out later this month naming specific tenants.

The new design follows the same open-air concept as the old plan, with a few closed-in air-conditioned spaces, located along the beach in order to give beach-goers a place to go after being in the sun.

“I think you hit a home run,” said Bragg. “Congratulations.”

Construction is slated for completion in spring 2018.

Megan Tomasic: 843-626-0343, @MeganTomasic