See what this man reeled in at the Myrtle Beach State Park pier

When Tuesday came for vacationers Cindy and Ashley Kerr, it was anything but ordinary.

While going for a walk on Tuesday at Myrtle Beach State Park, looking for the plane that crashed into the ocean between Myrtle Beach State Park and Springmaid Pier, the couple happened upon a man who had caught a shark while fishing at the pier.

“We noticed it was hooked on a guy’s line,” Cindy Kerr said in an email. “The guy continued to reel it in until it was beached.”

After posing for pictures with the shark, Ashley Kerr helped the fisherman cut the line and push the shark back into the water.

“The shark did live, thankfully,” said Cindy Kerr.

“We’ve been here since January and [are] leaving in three weeks,” Cindy Kerr said in the email. “There was a fire at Apache Campground, a plane and a shark. I guess you could say we’re ready for new adventures.”

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