The old Myrtle Beach Pavilion site is about to be a little less empty

Courtesy City of Myrtle Beach

The zip line at the former Myrtle Beach Pavilion site is expanding into a complex that will include a rope course.

Eric McGee, the owner of Myrtle Beach Zipline Adventures, said Thursday that the zip line course is expanding so that riders will be able to go in six different directions.

“We’re expanding over there, trying to make it more of a complete experience,” McGee said. “We’re going to add more of a ropes course over there and a zip line tour.”

The ropes climbing course will rise to 70 feet, and the construction will also include two observation shelters, according to a building permit application for the project. Total work is valued at $400,000.

The construction is slated to finish in a month, said Bill Rawding of building contractor Salt and Light.

“They want it so that people spend a lot of time there, not just the zip line,” Rawding said. “It’ll be climbing and ziplining, so people spend hours there.”

Lei Gainer, a spokeswoman for land owner Burroughs & Chapin Co., declined to comment on the new development. The former site of Myrtle Beach’s Pavilion amusement park is 12 acres, and has sat mostly empty for years – with the exception of the one set of zip lines.

McGee, who took over the zip line course last year, said his lease allows usage of two-thirds of the land on the side closer to Kings Highway. The new structures will use much of that space, he said.

Because the zip lines are raised, concert-goers for events held on the lot – like the Carolina country Music Festival in June – will still be able to congregate underneath, he said.

“We plan on being here for years to come,” McGee said.

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