Myrtle Beach man arrested in connection with armed robberies

A Myrtle Beach man was arrested Wednesday by Myrtle Beach police and is accused of three armed robberies.

Jimmie Singletary, 26, was charged with three counts of armed robbery, one count of kidnapping, and two counts of possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a violent crime, according to a release from Myrtle Beach police. He was also charged with misrepresenting identity to law enforcement, the release states.

The first armed robbery was caught on city surveillance cameras, and occurred on April 20 near 10th Avenue South on Ocean Boulevard, police said. Singletary reportedly approached a person and said he had a gun, demanding money from the victim.

Police said another incident occurred on April 24 near the Landmark Hotel in the 1500 block of Ocean Boulevard. Police said Singletary approached a person sitting in his car, and presented a gun and pointed it at him. The victim then fled the scene in his vehicle, police say.

The release states the third incident occurred on April 24, as well, when Singletary reportedly forced a victim at gunpoint to withdraw money from an ATM. “The victim continuously entered the wrong code to prevent access to his bank account,” according to police. Singletary then forced the victim to buy cigarettes since he was unable to withdraw cash.

As of early Thursday evening, no bail was set for Singletary, and he remained in the Myrtle Beach Jail.

Michaela Broyles, 843-626-0281, @MichaelaBroyles