Weather Service reverses prediction, Waccamaw River not expected to flood

The National Weather Service said Monday that heavy rains have not impacted the Waccamaw River basin as expected so earlier predictions of possible flooding by Wednesday are no longer in effect.

The river gauge at Conway initially showed the river would reach 11.5 feet by Wednesday morning. It was revised late Monday morning to show it is not expected to rise past 10.3 feet by Friday, which is action stage.

Rick Neuherz, hydrologist for the National Weather Service, said ensemble forecasts for the river show there is only a 20 percent chance of the river reaching flood stage.

After Hurricane Matthew last year, the Waccamaw River hit a record crest at 17.87 on Oct. 18.

The record rainstorm in October 2015 pushed the Waccamaw to 16.20 feet, the fourth highest flood on record.

Both floods caused extensive damage, from which numerous area residents are still recovering.

The state government is still processing claims from the 2015 flood, and just recently began taking applications for 2016 flood aid from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development.

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