Orange alligator garnering quizzical looks in Calabash, N.C.

“Donny” the orange alligator suns near a pond in Calabash, N.C.
“Donny” the orange alligator suns near a pond in Calabash, N.C. Nick Andrews

An unusual gator dubbed “Donny” by residents is drawing attention in Calabash, N.C.

The alligator is ready for Halloween, as it’s the color of a pumpkin ... a dull orange instead of the usual green color. Nick Andrews of Little River snapped some photos of the unusual reptile while visiting his father-in-law in Calabash Lakes Home Community.

Another orange alligator was spotted earlier this month in Hanahan, S.C. Jay Butfiloski with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said in a USA Today report that the color may come from where the animal spent the winter, such as a rusty steel pipe.

An orange alligator was spotted in Hanahan, S.C. Josh Zalabak at the South Carolina Aquarium says his orange color is not natural, and it might be caused by a variety of factors. In the meanwhile, neighbors have dubbed the him the "Trump-A-Gator."

Experts say that orange alligators will eventually shed their skin and likely return to a normal shade of green.

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