You encounter a funeral procession while driving. What do you do?

Posted by Todd Garvin



No one likes to see it, but almost everyone has at some time encountered a funeral procession while driving.

So, what do you do? Do you initiate the time-honored tradition of stopping? Do you slow down? Or, do you have places to go and just keep on driving?

The question is often a hot-button topic, especially if the funeral procession is on a four-lane road.

South Carolina does not have a law in place requiring vehicles to stop to pay respects, although funeral processions can pass through traffic signals after the lead car has properly stopped. Funeral processions also have the right-of-way, except in the case of emergency vehicles.

Sometimes, a funeral procession will have a police escort that makes intersections easier, but if not, here’s some tips from funeralwise.com to help:

▪ Yield. The entire procession will follow through a stoplight or intersection once the lead car has passed.

▪ The last car in a funeral procession will typically have two or more flags on it and hazard lights flashing.

▪ Never cut into a funeral procession.

▪ Never honk your horn at a funeral procession.

▪ Don’t pass a funeral procession on the right side of a highway.

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