New oceanfront restaurant coming to Myrtle Beach

An early rendering for the restaurant at 1204 North Ocean Blvd. The name has since been changed from “Bluefin” to “RipTydz.”
An early rendering for the restaurant at 1204 North Ocean Blvd. The name has since been changed from “Bluefin” to “RipTydz.” LS3P | Hubbard

Myrtle Beach’s dining scene can look forward to a new addition in 2017: the oceanfront restaurant RipTydz.

Steve Ghidella, one of the three partners in the project, said the 17,000-square-foot restaurant will have a “beachy, very casual” feel.

“If someone’s coming in off the beach, we want them to feel very comfortable,” he said. “There’s going to be a lot of wood, a lot of open beams. And, of course, glass. We focused everything on the design on the view, because the view is what we’re selling.”

Jim Hubbard, the architect on the project, said that the multi-level building was designed to look like “a modern interpretation of a pier.” RipTydz will be located at 1204 North Ocean Blvd., within a block of the SkyWheel. The project is expected to cost $3.9 million.

The first level, raised off the ground to avoid flooding or sea surges, includes both enclosed space and covered patios, each with their own bar. The third bar is on the roof, where Ghidella said the restaurant may host live DJs at night.

RipTydz is meant to cater to millennials in particular, Hubbard said.

“We designed it to be an experience for customers that addresses daytime with the family customer, and the nighttime and the social customer,” Hubbard said. “There’s a balance of outdoor space under cover and indoor space and roof deck space all stitched together, all combined, by a really cool tower that connects these floors to each other.”

In total, the restaurant will have 500 seats. The menu will include seafood, steak, fried food and a raw bar that’s “more expansive” than other options on Ocean Boulevard, Ghidella said. He added that the restaurant should be open until 2 a.m., saying that another restaurant he runs, The Beach House, usually gets good business at night.

RipTydz was previously named “Bluefin,” when building plans were submitted to the city for approval last year. Ghidella said the process of creating the restaurant has taken almost four years. Acquiring the land, spread over two lots, and planning for a new building have taken most of that time. The two parcels were parking lots, and before that, motels.

“It’s taken so long because we’ve been carefully planning exactly how we want the layout to be,” Ghidella said. “It was lot more than taking over an old building, like we’ve done in the past.”

RipTydz is the only major project nearing construction on Myrtle Beach’s oceanfront, city Permit Technician Laura Thomas said. It is accepting bids for construction, and will break ground in 30 to 45 days.

“There’s really nothing like this in the city of Myrtle Beach right now,” Hubbard said.

Ghidella said the restaurant will open in February.

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