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Locavore cookbook is for the fresh food lover

If you like good, fresh food, read this book.

The term, “locavore,” refers to someone who eats locally grown food. Even if you are already committed to buoying fresh and local whenever possible, this book is an important one to read. No, it’s not full of pretty picture or lovely ways to use all that zucchini you bought last week at the market. This book is a dense package of information — well and artfully (with drawn illustrations and in tidy information boxes) presented for the average reader.

Have you heard of CSA’s? Essentially this is where you contract with a farmer to get a box of produce weekly during season for a certain fee. Cotler presents enough information so that you can evaluate any offers out there for your family — from an economic and gastronomic point of view. She also talks about things as basic as how to select the best produce at the stand. If her answers don’t satisfy, be sure to ask the vendor — he or she grew it and they can tell you how to select the best.

There is even a section on farm-to-table restaurants, ensuring you will be able to eat good, fresh, local food when dining out. She even talks about fresh eggs, although before you buy a chicken coop, I would advise talking to the local extension office to check on rules and regulations that cover keeping hens in the back yard, especially if you are in Myrtle Beach or Conway and not out in the county.

There are a few recipes, but they are not what this book is about. This small volume is a resource, a book to read and keep on your shelf whenever questions arise. It makes a nice gift for anyone interested in healthy eating and cooking.

There are not many topics dealing with fresh and farm ready that she doesn’t tackle. I could not think of any while reading it. Every time I had a mental question, her next paragraphs or chapters answered it! If you should have more questions, never fear, the back of the book is one big library of information resources.

I think that anyone who has an interest in food should have. Locavore is not a trendy lifestyle for millennial, the word simply takes us back to the healthy eating patterns that occurred before we started eating fruits out of season, bought from abroad, or GMO foods or foods bred for their desirability and looks after shipping instead of growing them for flavor.

Read this book and rejoice that there is a strong farm market cooperative here in our area. Check out the Waccamaw and Myrtle Markets online and on Facebook. Yummy recipes begin with good products.

At A Glance

Title | The Locavore Way: Discover and Enjoy the Pleasures of Locally Grown Food

Author | Amy Cotler

Publisher | Storey Press

Cost | $12.95