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Shawarma Co. leaves lasting impression through fantastic service, fresh ingredients

Create your own meal.
Create your own meal.

Fresh vegetables and delicious meat cooked to juicy tenderness already sounds like a great deal, and there are some places willing to let you use those wonderful ingredients to create your own perfect dish.

One such restaurant is Shawarma Co. in the Forest Village shopping center near the junction of Carolina Forest Boulevard and River Oaks Drive.

Mediterranean-based and relatively young, this eatery has been working hard to provide quality food in a flexible manner while also hoping to encourage healthy eating. For the people who love this cuisine, healthy eating really doesn’t seem bad at all.

Shawarma Co. does offer specialties for guests to choose from, such as lamb shish kabob, combination platters, and a vegetarian plate. Each meal comes with basmati rice, a house salad, pita bread, and an additional side to select, so there is more than enough food to enjoy.

However, those who prefer Mediterranean food a certain way will find it’s easy to create a dish all their own. There are four steps in this process, starting with a base – either pita, basmati rice, or a salad bowl.

Next, guests can pick what kind of protein they’d like, such as chicken, beef, or falafel. Then there is a selection of fresh toppings, including the restaurant’s homemade tzatziki sauce. Finally, customers decide on a side to go with the unique meal, like stuffed grape leaves or cucumber salad.

There are a few more sides that cost extra, but if you’re a fan of hummus or spanakopita then be sure to at least review the options. Homemade sweets like baklava and rice pudding are available if there is someone who still has some room to satisfy their sweet tooth.

The shawarma carved off the slab is delightfully tender, as is the lamb shank that falls of the bone as advertised. Just like most of their food, the falafel and stuffed grape leaves are made in house and with all the flavor one would expect.

Even some of the drinks are freshly made, such as their lemonade and Turkish coffee. The coffee comes the size of an espresso shot but the finely ground beans are simmered with sugar which keeps this little glass of energy from being too bitter.

Shawarma Co. is a diligent and productive restaurant doing its best to provide healthy and fresh food for its clientele, no matter if they are dining in, utilizing the drive-thru, or having their meals delivered. These dedicated and friendly workers also provide catering services for any type of event.

Mediterranean cuisine is a combination of food from different countries that all have deliciousness in common. Shawarma Co. adds to this already amazing culture fantastic service, fresh ingredients, and the chance for customers to craft a meal to suit their tastes, all-in-all leaving a lasting impression.

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What | Shawarma Co.

Where | 4022 River Oaks Drive, Myrtle Beach

Hours | 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily

Information |, 843-236-3322