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Surfside Beach bartender discusses birthdays, weddings and fat cats

QUESTION | Happy birthday. How are you going to celebrate?

ANSWER | My mother-in-law is cooking me a yummy dinner tonight.

Anything else? Last night I went to the Causeway and sang karaoke and hung out with my girls. It was a wonderful, memorable night.

If you can remember it, you must not have had enough to drink? I know, right... I don’t remember how I got home, if that means anything. And 9 a.m. did come too early this morning.

Looks like you have a rock on your finger... when’s the big day? June 21.

Are you a bridezilla? Actually, I’m not. I’m very laid back about it this time. It is what it is. It will be on the beach at sunset. The lucky man is Lee.

Are you going to attack the meteorologists if it rains? No, actually I heard that’s good luck.

You mentioned this is your second marriage... were you a bridezilla for your first wedding? Yes.

In what ways? My hair was totally screwed up... none of my bridesmaids were doing what they were supposed to... the alterations to my dress... and the groom kept pissing me off. That should’ve been my sign right there not to do it.

Well, how did your new groom-to-be propose? He wrote it on the mirror in the steam from my shower.

Did you write back “yes”? No, I didn’t, but I ran out to find him and told him yes.

Since your last name is Clifford, do you have a big red dog? No, I do not. I have a 38-pound cat that now lives at my fiancé’s parent’s house and refuses to leave. She’s like a big female Garfield.

Does she eat as much as Garfield? She loves to eat and she guards her food like someone is going to steal it.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge