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Surfside Beach bartender talks bikes, golf and dirty polo

QUESTION | What do you do outside of bartending?

ANSWER | Ride motorcycles. Love to ride.

Do you drive your own or ride on the back of someone else’s bike?I’ve had three bikes, but I don’t have one now, so I ride on the back.

How long have you been riding? All my life...Started off on dirt bikes when I was 8-years-old.

When’s the last time you rode on a dirt bike? About eight years ago. We rode in the woods in Birmingham, Ala., and had a ball.

So is “Sweet Home Alabama” home for you? Not originally, but I was there for 20 years. I’m originally from Virginia.

You said you like to golf... have you been yet this year? Oh my gosh yes. It’s an every weekend thing. I love the courses here. They are awesome.

Are you so die-hard you go golfing in some of this cold weather we’ve had this year? Yes, we golfed all winter.

Have you ever golfed while riding a dirt bike? Would that be like dirty polo? No...

Do you think there’s a future in dirt-bike-golfing (otherwise now known as Dirty Polo)? Anything is possible.

When are you going to buy another motorcycle? Before I’m 50. I’ve got to have another one.

How do you gear up for the bike rallies? Work-wise... get lots of rest and plenty of beer. Riding-wise... leather and boots.

What’s one of the crazier things you’ve done during Bike Week? Just get wild and enjoy yourself. It only comes twice a year. That’s the time to unleash. You have to be good the rest of the year.

What’s the best thing about Bike Week? The people. The unity of the people coming together to relax, unwind and enjoy a week of the motorcycle community.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge