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Your water might smell funny and be discolored next month. Here's why

File photo - (Courtesy Terri Bennett/MCT)
File photo - (Courtesy Terri Bennett/MCT)

Head's up Conway, you might have some odd-looking drinking water in May.

But don't be alarmed — officials say the conditions are not harmful and are only temporary.

According to a Facebook post from the City of Conway, a water distribution flushing program will be conducted next month. City employees will flush the water mains by opening the fire hydrants, which cleans out sediment that has accumulated over time.

"Flushing may result in some temporary discoloration and the presence of some sediment in your water," the post states. "These conditions are not harmful and should only be fore a short duration. Please check your water for discoloration or sediment before doing any laundry."

Officials say during this time, the water quality will "be maintained safe for consumption." The process will last for approximately 30 to 45 days to get to the outer most points of the distribution system, beginning on May 1, said Taylor Newell, spokeswoman for the City of Conway.

Also during the flushing period, Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority will make a "slight change" in the water treatment process, facilitating an effective flushing and disinfection program, the post says.

"Throughout the year, chloramines are added to the water as the primary disinfectant, but during flushing period, free chlorine will be added," the post reads. "Free chlorine provides exceptional disinfection power during the flushing process."

But with the addition of free chlorine, your water may taste and smell like it as well, due to it being a higher-level disinfectant, according to officials.

"The water is safe for dialysis patients, provided the water is treated as though it is disinfected with chloramines," the post states.

Officials recommend testing the water to ensure it is free of any chlorine before adding fish or other aquatic animals if you have an aquarium or pond. Newell said the water will be safe for pets to consume.

Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to contact the City of Conway at 843-397-2519.

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