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Ripley's Aquarium opens new Pearl Harbor exhibit

Ripley's Aquarium is bringing a little bit of history to the Grand Strand, opening an all new Pearl Harbor exhibit to the public on Friday.

"It is an educational exhibit that involves conservation, interactivity and, really, fun," said Pablo Chavez, General Manager at Ripley's Aquarium.

The exhibit combines historical facts adorning the walls and interactive pieces that allow guests to experience the events that unfolded on Pearl Harbor in a more up-close and personal way.

"We mixed a really important date in American history with a good piece of conservation and a good message for our guests," Chavez said.

The previous exhibit housed by the aquarium was called "Slime," which showcased how slime proves pivotal to the cycle of life for many marine creatures.

The Pearl Harbor exhibit is a step in a different direction.

"We like to keep things fresh and new, and we change these exhibits out every so often," says Chavez, "so, the biggest thing for us is bringing that educational factor to our guests, and mixing the conservation piece in as well."