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New business coming to Myrtle Beach airport

A new business wants to open up two kiosks in the Myrtle Beach International Airport. Horry County approved the proposal Tuesday.

OpticWash operates kiosks that clean eyewear, jewelry and cellphones, and two of them are coming to the airport.

Opticwash won't have to pay rent, but the contract specifies that the company pay 30 percent of its gross revenue generated at the site in exchange for the right to operate two kiosks in the passenger terminal. More than 1 million visitors passed through Myrtle Beach International Airport last year.

Bryan Myers with Opticwash said the kiosk costs $2 to operate.

The company will be allowed to operate the two kiosks for three years provided they comply with the terms of the contract.

Christian Boschult, 843-626-0218, @TSN_Christian