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Here’s why you shouldn’t put Christmas lights on palm trees

Kansas City is known for its Christmas lights thanks to the Country Club Plaza. But we’ll probably never see anything quite like the Yuletide display in Civitanova Marche, a small coastal town in Italy.

Pictures of lights wrapped around the trunks of several palm trees and outlining the palm sprays on top of them has caused a stir on social media and in several publications recently because of its exhuberantly phallic qualities.

“Christmas is coming!” wrote The Daily Mail. “At least that’s what a holiday light display is supposed to announce. Mission accomplished?” The article goes on, not surprisingly, to use several other double entendres in addressing the unorthodox Christmas scene.

The International Business Times also ran a story on it stating, “This is why you shouldn’t put Christmas lights on palm trees” before also letting loose with a series of risque remarks.

Then there’s Twitter, where You Had One Job‏ @_youhadonejob1 tweeted a photo of the lit trees. It has been shared more than 145,000 times and garnered more than 73,000 comments, many of which we can’t post here.

The Italian town’s newspaper Cronache Maceratesi reports that town officials seem to have a sense of humor about the lighting gaffe and that local merchants are hoping that it will draw out-of-town gawkers, thereby boosting Civitanova Marche’s economy.

One thing’s for sure, this display would NOT have made it into The Kansas City Star’s House+Home when this reporter was editing it.

A Key West resident decked the palm trees white for the city's annual holiday lights contest.