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More of Myrtle Beach’s kookiest crimes

Houseguest from Hell

We’re now going to question the motivation of anyone who asks to stay at our house. And yes, that includes our parents.

Myrtle Beach police responded to an apartment in the 200 block of Cedar Street after getting a call about destruction of property.

The victim said a man stayed with her for one night on June 1 and then went back to Washington D.C., according to the incident report.

Apparently, before leaving, he allegedly called the victim and said he was going to flood her house and cut up her clothes. When she got home, she discovered that he had done just that, the report stated.

Police were trying to get in touch with the man before warrants were obtained. There was no indication in the report as to what might have led to the vandalism.

We can only hope that the guy was at least a gracious houseguest when he arrived and came in with a bottle of wine and some flowers. If not, he should definitely get on that now.

It’s Definitely Something Personal

Want someone to know you’re pissed at them? Take some of their dough, and then defame any image of them.

That’s pretty much what happened at the rental office of an apartment complex located in the 6000 block of Frontage Road in Myrtle Beach on June 5. Myrtle Beach police arrived on scene and talked to an office employee who said they discovered $95 was missing, according to the incident report.

The employee said the break-in appeared vindictive, since a framed photo of the owner was smashed. Also, the computer screen was smashed. It, too, had a picture of the owner on it, the report stated.

No suspects had been taken into custody as of press time.

We can’t help but wonder if the burglar happened to draw a Hitler mustache and horns on the owner’s picture after breaking it out of the frame. That’s something our 13-year-old selves would have probably done.

Fooled By Funny Money

We’ve been happy to assist people in the past by breaking a twenty or something. But this report gives us pause about ever being so accommodating.

A man told Myrtle Beach police he was approached by someone in their late teens while at Coastal Grand Mall. The teen asked if the gentleman would swap four $5 bills for a $20 bill, according to the incident report.

This good citizen did just that, and within a few minutes, he realized the four new fives in his possession wouldn’t buy him a pack a gum.

Police determined all were counterfeit bills, the report stated.

We can only hope the teen needed that last $20 to pay for his mother’s surgery, or some other such noble cause. But in reality, it probably went toward two corn dogs and an Orange Julius.


You know, there’s nights out just having fun with your friends. And then there’s nights where you decide a little public destruction is in order.

The former always ends better.

A 22-year-old man was arrested June 7 after allegedly busting up three different vehicles parked at Broadway at the Beach.

The suspect allegedly first claimed that he’d locked his keys and cellphone inside his car, the incident report stated.

What wasn’t clear was why the suspect was reportedly leaning against a car with a busted side-view mirror. He claimed he had nothing to do with that damage.

Things became murkier when police allegedly couldn’t understand why there was blood on this particular Volvo and on a nearby Pontiac. Oh, and why was the suspect’s hands bleeding? That’s according to the incident report.

Both the Volvo and the Pontiac had damage to them, as did the nearby Honda, the report stated.

After talking to the victim, it was learned he owned none of these three vehicles and reportedly got to Broadway at the Beach via limo.

So, there you go. Definitely not the traditional kicks one could get on a Saturday night.