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Myrtle Beach-area’s kookiest crimes

Now For Sale

Ladies, are you in the market for a two-legged, paunchy built gentleman who will make you feel uncomfortable? Then have we got the deal for you!

Detectives with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office are asking the public, particularly women in the real estate industry, to be cautious of a man who claims to be a high-ranking vice president with the Hanes Corporation, according to a press release.

This Don Juan has been using the names “Eric Mullins,” “Steve Mullins,” “Alex Mullins” and possibly “Steven Kincaid.” We guess he ran out of Mullins he wanted to drag through the mud.

But we digress. Law enforcement says he has repeatedly insisted to be shown property by female real estate agents in both Brunswick and Horry counties. While on site, he’s exhibited “odd and inappropriate behavior,” the release stated.

The man is described as a white male, approximately 6 feet, 4 inches tall, with a paunchy build and thinning black hair.

Yep, nothing says trying to impress a girl more than creeping her out while she’s trying to make a sale and get that sweet commission.

Not So Environmentally Sound

This wasn’t a very “cool” move on this guy’s part.

Myrtle Beach business owner David Braswell was sentenced on May 22 to six months in prison, six months of house arrest upon release and a $10,000 fine for violation of the Clean Air Act, according to a press release.

Braswell ran CoolCote, a construction and renovation company. He was contracted to remove and replace siding on a high-rise beachfront condominium complex in Myrtle Beach, the release stated. The owner had been told the existing status contained asbestos, and he agreed to do the job for a lower price.

The sticking point was Braswell did not give his employees the proper protection or obtain the proper permits to allow for the asbestos removal, the release stated.

This oversight reportedly led to a local beach and nearby properties becoming contaminated.

Hopefully by contaminated, it doesn’t mean a lizard will be impacted, thereby growing hundreds of feet in height, developing fire breath and scaring the shit out of the folks in Tokyo.

Tragedy on the Boulevard

If there was one thing being discussed throughout the Myrtle Beach area during Memorial Day weekend, it was the triple homicide at a hotel on Ocean Boulevard on May 24.

Myrtle Beach police continued investigating the incident that left three South Carolina residents dead and two others injured.

Portions of Ocean Boulevard were closed for several hours late into the evening of May 24 and into the early-morning hours of May 25.

In a press release, the Myrtle Beach police were asking for any cellphone footage that might have shown the shooter who escaped. Video shot of the original fight that led to the shooting has already been obtained.

Supposed video of the scene just seconds after the shooting began making the rounds on social media May 25.

We’re boggled by how there are always multiple people shooting videos on their phones of fights, or other violent acts. Maybe you should close the camera app and, oh, I don’t know, call for help.


Man, if your roommates use the college call box to report alcohol overindulgence, you must have graduated from three sheets to the wind to completely hammered.

On May 3, a member of Coastal Carolina University’s police force responded to a call box activation on Bronze Loop, according to an incident report. The officer met with some individuals, who said their roommate was having some medical issues.

The officer went with the complainants to their apartment and found an underage individual who was in possession of alcohol, the report stated.

EMS was requested, yet the inebriated one declined to be taken to the hospital after medical personnel checked them out.

That didn’t stop the party animal from being given a citation before released.

We’re assuming it must have been quite the party, and are happy the person didn’t have to endure that time-honored college tradition of a stomach pump.