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Brad Redding’s Tip of the Week (Nov. 14)

Draw it up

How you hold the golf club makes all the difference in what you can and can't do with the golf club. Since juniors love to hit it a long way I want to get that to happen as soon as I can. 75% of the speed a golf club can create is through your wrists. So a correct grip allows them to cock their wrists and they can feel the weight of the club head. I use sharpies and stickers to help them understand where the club needs to be in their hands to create a powerful wrist cock. In the left hand, the club lays lower towards the fingers and the heel pad folds over the fingers first then the thumb. In the right hand, the life lays on the side of the left thumb. Heel pad is under the thumb and right thumb pad is over left thumb. The type of grip is not as important however I will encourage the junior to use a interlocking or 10 finger grip to start off with.