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Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (Nov. 7)

A good start

The golf ball has no idea who is above it and a lot of juniors need to understand how to get them into an athletic position like any other sport. To get into this athletic position, I will have them put a golf club on their back. The club head is on their head and the grip on their rear end. I will then have them bend forward from their hips while keeping the club head on their head and grip on their rear end. With most juniors being so flexible, I am careful they don’t get into an S posture. This is where their lower back is too arched. I will get them to relax this slightly. The knees are slightly bent and the weight is even on both feet with it being over the arches of their feet towards the balls of their feet. I will then take the club away and hand them a bat – “this is where you would be if you were at the plate.” Hand them a tennis racquet – “this is where you would be if receiving a serve.” Comparing other sports to drive the point.