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New to the Market | AUR adds to golf clothing line

AUR adds to golf clothing line

A.U.R. stands for “All That You Are” and has three distinct categories of golf clothing. The AUR Active Collection boasts performance driven designs and features a polyester double-knit Dri-Max. The polos feature the stretch of Spandex, a soft, supple handfeel and a lightweight drape that makes it ideal for golf. Synthetic fibers create a strong, crease resistant fabric that is quick drying and maintains its shape. The AUR Authentic collection features a more traditional golf-inspired assortment of sweaters, vests, pants and shorts in classic colors of black, taupe, navy and charcoal. AUR Aware is a planet friendly line.

AUR Aware fabrics include: CarboCool fabric contains a blend of Polyester and Bamboo Charcoal. The carbonized bamboo is visual on the inside of this material as a grey tint. The benefits of the fabric include Moisture Wicking and Fast Drying for comfort, as well as Anti-Odor and Added UV Protection for peace of mind. Carbonized Bamboo is environmentally responsible, and offers the same benefits that a chemical finish would without the unnecessary harm to the environment. S.Café uses a patented process that transforms the coffee grounds into yarn, which is then used to produce polos. Most coffee grounds end up in landfills. EcoSmart is a fabric made from Recycled Polyester Yarn, which is made from plastic post-consumer based products. It is environmentally friendly by reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gases when compared to regular polyester production. The EcoSmart line encompasses two different fabrics: 100% recycled polyester and combed cotton/recycled polyester, which provides the durability and performance of polyester with the added comfort and breathability of cotton.

For Spring 2013, AUR welcomes the Stormpack outerwear collection under its umbrella. Stormpack offers a complete range of waterproof, breathable, windproof, seam sealed and lightweight high performance and stylish tops and bottoms for men's and women's. The Stormpack outerwear collection is designed so that each style can be merchandised with the AUR fashion collections. For the men's AUR apparel pricing is $38 to $60 for polos, $50 to $110 for sweaters, and $45 to $90 for shorts and pants. Pricing for women's apparel is $38 to $60 for polos, $50 to $110 for sweaters and $70 to $90 for fashion bottoms. The Stormpack collection price range is $80 to $110. Visit

Compiled by Alan Blondin,