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New to the Market | Cleveland Golf puts new spin on wedges

Cleveland puts new spin on wedges

Cleveland Golf’s new Reg. 588 wedges take the company’s PGA Tour-proven and popular 588 wedge and add Zip Grooves that are CNC-milled and lie between the main grooves on the clubface to give players more control. The Reg. 588s come in several lofts, and many also come in various degrees of bounce and an option of a Black Pearl finish.

The Zip Grooves conform to USGA limits on spin, but help the golfer land balls soft with some backspin. The wedges feature forged 1025 carbon steel that gives soft feedback on both center-struck and off-center shots. Cleveland offers the option of customizing the shaft and grip to fit your swing, and the 588 wedge is available in a Raw Tour Grind model featuring a dynamic sole for maximum versatility around the green. The wedges retail for $140 each. Visit

Compiled by Alan Blondin,