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Raves & Rage for Sept. 20, 2012


To the girl who stated it was fun to key cars - guess what? The guy next to me had a dash camera in his car and video taped the whole thing. It's a panoramic cam so it got every thing. You see there are cameras everywhere even with certain satellite programs and computer software and anywhere at any time can be viewed.

The video is now evidence to the local police dept. and expect an arrest to come soon. Where did you get your education from? Bucksport Backwater Tech Comm College?


I read Kent's editorial about what makes a man a man with great interest. The more I read about Katie’s Project the more disgusted I became with that organization. Where do they get off trying to tell the media what to say and how to say it? And some of the guys actually fell for their heavy-handed censorship. Thought this was America and we had freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Guess that doesn't necessarily apply in the Katie’s Project book of fair play. This is one organization that will not get any of my donation money. Sorry for the kids that need formal wear for their proms to need to depend on this bigoted, high -handed organization.