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Kicks! quick reviews of new music Sept. 18

The Killers


“Battle Born” released Sept. 18

It’s been four years since The Killers released their last album, “Day and Age.” The band took a break from music for a few years before joining back up in 2011 to start writing and recording “Battle Born.” While it’s refreshing to hear Brandon Flowers’ electic and unique voice back on the airwaves, I’m not sure “Battle Born” is better than their first studio album, “Hot Fuss,” which launched the Las Vegas band onto the pop charts with songs like “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me.”

That’s not to say there isn’t a lot to like about “Battle Born.” While many of the tracks have a new-agey sound to them, there’s also an anthem feel to a few of them, especially the title track. “You’re up against the wall / Up against the wall / Something dying on the street / When they knock you down / You’re gonna get back on your feet / (Cause you can’t stop now) / When they break your heart / and when they cause your soul to mourn / Remember what I said that you was ‘Battle Born.’”

There is a deluxe version available to “Battle Born,” which I recommend so you don’t miss tracks “Carry Me Home” and “Prize Fighter.”

Dave Matthews Band

• “Away From the World” released Sept. 11

There are not many surprises on Dave Matthews Band’s newest album, and that’s just fine by me. The band reunited with the producer (Steve Lillywhite) who worked with them in the 1990s on albums “Before these Crowded Streets” and “Crash,” and it shows. “Away From the World” takes listeners back to those days but doesn’t make them feel nostalgic about them. It’s groovy and comfortable, just how I like my Dave Matthews Band.

Mumford and Sons

• Single “I Will Wait.” Full album “Babel” expected release Sept. 25

The first single from Mumford and Sons’ anticipated second album sounds like it could have appeared on its first album “Sigh No More,” which is a good thing if you like consistency from your bands and isn’t suprising considering the band wrote most of the songs while they were on the road touring their first album. In the case of this unique-sounding band, I’d say consistency is a good thing. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?