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New to the Market | Cutter & Buck to release new outerwear

Cutter & Buck to release new outerwear

A top-to-bottom offering for 2013 marks Cutter & Buck's reemergence in outerwear for the first time in five years. The top of the three tiers, Elite (which comes with a two-year guarantee) uses the highest level of breathable, waterproof fabric available in the marketplace. Cutter & Buck says it is the only company in the golf arena using the fabric in Spring 2013. The Performance tier is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The Active tier rounds out the collection and is very lightweight, and both water and wind resistant.

The outerwear palette boasts a vibrant, wearable combination of colors. They include Tomato Red and Hunter Green in a deep grayed hue that will serve as a neutral, Neon Yellow and Electric Blue. The palette is grounded in white and black, and there are contrast panels in a mid-rich concrete grey, as well as full garments in sleek silver or pale polished grey.

Layering is a key aspect in the ’13 Outerwear Collection, with a well-coordinated, multi-layered approach for comfort and performance. The DryTec Montlake Half Zip Fleece is a second layer for added warmth on the golf course. The DryTec L/S Hudson Bay Mock is a transitional piece that is ideal as a first or second layer. It comes in a high performing polyester/wool fabrication that offers ample wicking along with temperature regulation and breathability for comfort. Contact Cutter & Buck at 1-800-713-7810 or visit

Compiled by Alan Blondin,