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New to the Market | Feel Golf releases new ball retrievers

Feel Golf releases new ball retrievers

Feel Golf’s new patent pending telescopic golf ball retrievers have been reengineered to prevent water from getting inside the shafts. They also have a 20 percent larger head made out of a stronger plastic alloy material and have an improved spring mechanism compared to the original model. The aircraft-grade stainless steel shafts are designed to keep water out, which helps prevent corrosion and keeps the shaft from freezing up. The new design also prevents sections of the shaft from coming apart. The new spring-loaded head instantly traps the ball in the water, sand or mud, and holds it until released.

Two new retriever models will soon be available with carbon fiber shafts that will be much lighter and have no internal mechanisms. Feel Golf also repackaged each of its 2012 retrievers in a hanging clamshell to help protect against damage and discourage theft. Each clamshell contains a retriever head cover. Feel Golf's retrievers come in four different lengths and are made of three different shaft materials.

The 7-foot “Standard” Stainless retriever collapses to 16 inches and the 10-foot “Premiere” Stainless shaft collapses to 19 inches. Carbon Fiber with Boron will be available for both models in October. The 12-foot “Bigger” Aluminum shaft retriever collapses to 40 inches and the 15-foot “Extreme” Aluminum shaft collapses to 42 inches. The new 2012 retrievers are being sold at 2011 prices. Visit or call 877-934-7387.

Compiled by Alan Blondin,