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Brad Redding’s Weekly Golf Tip (August 1)

Same pattern

Again ball starts too far right and stay that way or it curves too far left. Divots are too shallow and behind the ball. Ball impact with face is too low. This is a down swing that is too shallow (flat). You need to get the downswings steeper. The proper impact in golf should be ball then ground. For this type of pattern that would be a great suggestion. But I teach based on who is in front of me and their swing pattern, so someone who has too steep of a downswing hitting ball then ground would be a terrible suggestion. Another great way to fix the too shallow downswing is to hit pennies. That may sound strange but it is a great drill to understand impact. Set up to a penny as if it was the golf ball. Place a piece of car board propped up about 3 feet in front of you. Now hit the penny into the board. My juniors love this game as if they can make the penny embed into the board I and the other juniors in the class have to do pushups.