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Raves & Rage for Aug. 2, 2012


KUDOS to the fine folk who designed the entrance roads into/out of the new Target . You've created an instant traffic snarl that not only affects the Target traffic , but also carries across the intersection to shoppers at Kohl's , Lowe’s Foods , and the stores in that area. I often wonder if the people who design these accesses actually ever DRIVE around here, or do they sit and laugh about this stuff from a distance?


Since some people are not in favor of the death penalty, lets do this for killer James Holmes. Write to the Governor of Colorado and the D.A. in Denver to push this if you like. Let’s make this guy work for his punishment. Make him work on a farm during the summer cropping tobacco all day and when that's done make him work on a shrimp boat and crab all day. Then at night he can wait tables at one of the very busy seafood buffets in Myrtle Beach with a 10-table section. At bed time he can share a jail cell with the biggest and baddest guy ever. He has to do this every day and any money he makes has to be used to pay the tax payers what it cost to keep him confined with the rest going to the family members' lives he took and harmed. If he can't do it, then lights out for him.


OK, if you ladies want to date a real man then you should go out with a guy who works his ass off as a server at a busy seafood buffet here in Myrtle. We work our asses off and are way more productive than most of your washed up, doped up, bath salt-smoking, douche bag, uneducated, broke rednecky/ ghettobilly so-called boyfriends. They are like, "Hey every one look at me! I drive a 1993 Honda with a spoiler on the back and neon lights and I park my car on the grass at Broadway so every one can see my ghetto billy ass." Ooooh! Get real and take the douche home to meet the family...on Thanksgiving! If you come from a good family and if grandpa and grandma doesn't kick the bucket at the sight of whatever you date, see what kind of Christmas presents you get from Mom and Dad. Maybe some medical help and a trip to the Doctor Phil show! Get a real man!


To the scumbag who was taking pictures of the accident victims killed in a recent, local car crash while a first responder (who told me with disdain in their voice) were trying to work the incident: Be glad I wasn't there or you'd still be trying to dig your iPhone out of your ass. Have some respect!