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New to the market | Wishon 979SS for the average player

Wishon 979SS for the average player

The Wishon 979SS Game Improvement investment cast stainless steel iron design with progressive blade height, semi-wide sole, and CNC milled face is designed for the average player looking for improvement.

The progressive blade height design graduates through the set from semi-shallow on the long irons to conventional blade height on the short irons to position the center of gravity low on the lower loft irons but conventional on the higher loft irons. The CNC milled face delivers enhanced spin. A semi-wide, symmetrical width sole design with face-to-back sole radius and blunt leading edge achieves clean, solid contact through all grass/turf conditions. The undercut back cavity combines with the sole to keep CG lower for more game improvement launch angle assistance.

Twin weight bores allow for a maximum head-weight addition of 15 grams to achieve a wide range of swing weight, length and shaft weight fitting options. A precision investment cast from 431 stainless steel is designed for ease in loft/lie bending, finished in a bright satin finish with cosmetic highlights.

The suggested retail of the 979SS irons custom fit from independent custom clubmakers around the U.S. is $499 for an eight-piece steel shaft set and $599 for graphite. The irons are right-handed only and come 3-iron through pitching wedge, sand wedge and gap wedge. Visit