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Weekly golf tip (July 18)

Different cause

Ball flight tends to start left and then curve right. Divots are steep, point left and the ball impact is toward the toe or on the sole of the club. This could be due to a moving of the club and not turning your back, chest and shoulders in the back swing and then turning the shoulders early in the downswing, which moves the club outside (steep) in the downswing. You need to get your back, chest and shoulders to turn in the back swing and your back is facing the target at the top of your backswing. Look at shoulder turn differently. It is really your back and chest, which is your trunk, which turns in the backswing. Your shoulders really don’t turn. Place a paper circle on your sternum. Now, turn this to the right where it is pointing away from the target. Keep this pointing away as you drop your arms, hands and club inside on the downswing.