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New to the Market | Antigua unveils Spring ’12 line

Antigua unveils Spring ’12 line

Antigua’s performance golf apparel Spring ’12 collections are a bold 360-degree change in direction incorporating an innovative updated bright color palette complemented with contemporary golf apparel styling.

Antigua says it has continued its research and development to expand on the D2XL (Desert Dry Xtra-Lite) fabrics with newness in construction and a softer hand (feel) while maintaining focus on the drape of the fabric and how it correlates to the fit of the garment. Simple but elegant style detailing in the way of pop color piping or contrast stitching is added to that.

The pop colors introduced include Keylime, Berry, Wedgewood, Turq, Mellon and Azalea. The bright colors are represented as all over solid tonals, engineered chest stripes, tippings on rib treatments, pop accents on argyles and as filament cover stitching details on innovative outerwear pieces from base layers to water resistant wind garments.

The Spring ’12 line comes in six different color groups, including the Berry/Bordeaux group which is highlighted by bright berry shades that pair with shades of grey and every shade of neutral. Antigua shirts are generally $50-$65. Visit and

Compiled by Alan Blondin,