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Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (July 4)

Same pattern

This is the most common pattern (problem) in golf. There are a number of ways of fixing it. If your ball flight tends to start left and then curve right, and your divots are steep, point left and the ball impact is toward the toe or on the sole of the club, then you have a very steep downswing. You need to shallow out your downswing. Most steep downswings are due to a flat/inside takeaway. You then need to lift/steepen it to the top, and you have to come down over/steep just to find the ball. Another way of fixing this to get your wrists to cock up earlier. I use a two-part backswing to do this. Set up to a golf ball on a tee. Now cock your wrists straight up. Hold for three seconds and the turn you back, chest and shoulders. Now you can swing the club from the inside or under your swing plane and hit the tee. Again, the ball will tend to start right but can curve left, divots are shallow behind the ball and the impact is more heel side of middle.