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New to the Market: Dixon Golf launches eco-friendly ladies ball

Dixon Golf launches eco-friendly ladies ball

Dixon Golf has launched the first eco-friendly ladies ball, the Dixon Spirit. The eco-friendly golf ball manufacturer already has three other ball offerings to cater to all levels of golfers: the Earth, suitable for all golfers; the Wind, an extreme distance ball; and the Fire, a multi-layer tour-caliber golf ball. The Spirit ball has been engineered to help women get the most out of their game and will retail for $29.95 per dozen.

The Spirit ball will feature a 392-dimple pattern and the proprietary Crystal Pink Eco-cover, as well as Dixon Golf’s high-velocity GreenCore for added distance. The ball is designed for swing speeds less than 100 mph, for women with handicaps of 10-plus, and with a medium trajectory and roll, soft feel and compression, and medium spin. Visit

Compiled by Alan Blondin,