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Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (June 27)

Swing Patterns

If your ball flight tends to start left and then curve right. If your divots are steep, point left and the ball impact is towards the toe or on the sole of the club. You have a very steep down swing. You need to shallow out your downswing swing. Most steep downswings are due to a flat/inside take away. You then need to lift/steepen it to the top. You have to come down over/steep just to find the ball. So you have a loop in your golf swing. The club goes in, then up and then over in your downswing. Let's reverse it. The tools you will need to fix it are a club shaft, a kids swing noodle and an alignment rod. Insert the swim noodle over the shaft and arrange the shaft and alignment rod and set up to this as in the photo. You then want to take the club back along the shaft (steeper) then in (flatter) at the top of your swing and the under (flatter) the shaft in the down swing. Your results should now be balls that start right, divots are shallow and point straighter and the impact is more towards the heel side of middle.