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Pop culture Q&A: Max to the maximum

In the movie “Kindergarten Daycare” with Eddie Murphy, one of the little boys was named Max. He looks like a younger version of the actor in “Parenthood” named Max. Are they the same?

Actor Max Burkholder indeed played a kid named Max in Eddie Murphy’s “Daddy Daycare” and currently plays Max on the NBC drama series “Parenthood.” That series, by the way, is scheduled to start its new season on Sept. 11.

In the ‘70s I saw a movie about a couple in Australia who ran into a lot of trouble. Recently I saw a movie called “Nature’s Grave.” It looked like the same movie but was made in 2008. Could it be a remake?

It could. A late ‘70s movie called “Long Weekend” was retooled into the more recent film, which was also called “Long Weekend” in some formats but is better known to U.S. audiences as “Nature’s Grave.”

Do you know if the show “Grizzly Adams” will ever be put on DVD for sale? It is such a relaxing show to watch after working all day.

The “Life and Times of Grizzly Adams” originally aired on NBC in 1977 and 1978. Dan Haggerty played Adams, as he had in a big-screen “Grizzly Adams” movie several years earlier. He reprised the role in the 1982 TV-movie “The Capture of Grizzly Adams.” Haggerty also starred in the 1999 movie “Escape to Grizzly Mountain,” but not as Adams. Unfortunately, I do not know of an authorized DVD release of the TV series.

“Westward the Women,” a made-for-TV movie, was released on VHS. Will it be on DVD?

I know of only one movie with that title, a 1951 feature starring Robert Taylor as the leader of a wagon train carrying more than 100 women to California to meet and marry men in a female-starved region. Warner Archive released it on DVD in May through its online sales service. You can order it at

Ten years ago (or more) I saw a movie on TV about a runner who died from steroids. Competition was hard in college, didn’t do as expected, and he started taking steroids and winning again. Dad was an architect, I think. I’ve tried Internet searches and can’t find it. Probably a made-for-TV movie.

I think you are remembering a 1989 TV movie called “Finish Line,” which originally aired on TNT. It starred a young Josh Brolin as the track star and his real-life father James as his on-camera dad, a former track star pushing his son to succeed. The cast also included Mariska Hargitay and Stephen Lang. It has been released on VHS but I do not know of an authorized DVD version. (There is a DVD movie called “Finish Line,” but it is from 2008 and has a different story.)

What’s happening with the new Vincent D’Onofrio/Ethan Hawke vehicle “Blue Tilt”? I thought it was supposed to premiere this fall but it’s not listed in the network lineups. Does NBC intend to respectfully and enthusiastically produce, nurture and promote “Blue Tilt” or not? All of D’Onofrio’s fans have been waiting so long for his return to TV. What’s the story?

The planned series, about homicide detectives and the effect of their work on themselves and their families, was announced in September 2011. Since then, lots of talk but not much action; not even a pilot has been shot. In January, D’Onofrio said the script was still being worked on. A Twitter page for the program said in March that “NBC has unofficially put ‘Blue Tilt’ on the shelf for now.” The powers that be don’t think it has enough ‘Pop’ to attract viewers. So I would not look for it anytime soon. But if you’re looking for D’Onofrio work, he directed a horror/musical called “Don’t Go Into the Woods,” now on DVD.