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Nexbelt unveils new belt for golfers

Nexbelt unveils new belt for golfers

Golfers often look at belts in two ways: as a fashion statement and to hold up their pants. People often tend to forgo comfort and have the waist adjust to the belt and not the other way around. Nexbelt has produced a belt with clean lines that has no holes as not to detract from the looks of the leather, and gives a better fit by not being limited to the belt holes.

Nexbelt’s PreciseFit is an innovative ratcheting system that allows one-quarter-inch adjustments compared to the pin/buckle system that often only allows only 1-inch adjustments. It allows for slight changes in the size of a waist from day to day. You can lose up to15 waist sizes and still use the same belt. Golfers have the Golf Line that offers the same PreciseFit technology and stylish design but takes it one step further by having the buckle face flip down to reveal a hidden ball marker. Regular belts fit waists between 28 and 40 inches, and extra-large belts fit waists between 38 and 50 inches. Belts are in several and styles and are either $54.99 or $59.99 at

Compiled by Alan Blondin,