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Visitors' Voice: Restaurants and Bars

All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant

First | Original Benjamin's Calabash

Finalist | Bennett's Calabash

Finalist | Captain George's


First | Dead Dog Saloon

Finalist | Dagwood's Sports Bar

Finalist | Margaritaville

Breakfast Place

First | Sea Captains House

Finalist | Eggs Up Grill

Finalist | IHOP

Early-Bird Special

First | Gulfstream Café

Finalist | Original Benjamins Calabash

Finalist | Texas Roadhouse

Fine-Dining Restaurant

First | Sea Captains House

Finalist | Divine Fishouse

Finalist | The Melting Pot

Italian Restaurant

First | Angelo's Steak and Pasta

Finalist | Carrabba's

Finalist | Olive Garden

Mexican Restaurant

First | Fiesta del Burro Loco

Finalist | Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy

Finalist | El Cerro Grande

Place for a Burger

First | River City Cafe

Finalist | Cheeseburger in Paradise

Finalist | Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Place for Pizza

First | Ultimate California Pizza

Finalist | Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta

Finalist | Pizza Hut

Place for a Sub

First | Subway

Finalist | Firehouse Subs

Finalist | Jersey Mikes

Place for a Hotdog

First | Sam's Corner

Finalist | Peaches Corner

Finalist | Sonic

Place for Barbecue

First | Prossers

Finalist | Little Pigs

Finalist | Sticky Fingers

Place for Dessert

First | Croissants

Finalist | Collectors Café

Finalist | The Melting Pot

Place for Ice Cream

First | Painter's Ice Cream

Finalist | Kirk's Ice Cream Parlor

Finalist | Meyers Ice Cream

Place for Ribs

First | Sticky Fingers

Finalist | Damon's

Finalist | T-Bones

Place for a Steak

First | Texas Roadhouse

Finalist | Outback Steakhouse

Finalist | T-Bones

Restaurant with a View

First | Sea Captain's House

Finalist | Gulfstream Café

Finalist | Spuds Waterfront Dining

Romantic Restaurant

First | The Melting Pot

Finalist | Gulfstream Café

Finalist | Thoroughbred's

Seafood Restaurant

First | Sea Captains House

First | Lee's Inlet Kitchen

Finalist | Original Benjamin's Calabash

Sports Bar

First | Overtime Sports Café

First | Dagwood's Sports Bar

Finalist | Oscar's

Theme Restaurant

First | Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

Finalist | Hard Rock Cafe

Finalist | Original Benjamin's Calabash