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Dispute over marijuana leads to three men being charged in Myrtle Beach

Three people were charged by Myrtle Beach police after a drug deal went bad, according to a police report.

Two men were cited for loitering drug traffic and one man was charged with petty larceny after police were called at 10:30 p.m. Thursday to the 1400 block of North Kings Highway, police said.

John Norris Railing, 18, and William Clinton Railing, 19, told police they were robbed by a man with a gun, according to the report. The men said they were on the beach when a man asked them for money.

John Railing said he opened his wallet to give the man some money, but the man grabbed $100 and walked away. The men said they followed the man to Chapin Park trying to the money back and the man turned around and pointed a shotgun at them before he got into a taxi cab and left.

Police stopped the cab and detained two men, who were identified as suspects in the robbery, according to the report. Police later learned John and William Railing had purchased marijuana from the men and were not happy because it was not worth what they paid.

Police charged the Railings with loitering drug traffic, according to the report. One of the men detained from the cab, Jerome Allen Wine, 32, of Longs, was charged with petty larceny. Police searched for a gun, but did not find any weapons.