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To the a$$wipe in the red Toyota Solara who almost hit my wife and I while sitting at the traffic light on (U.S.) 17 Business (on) Saturday evening while riding our motorcycle: I hope your drunk ass slept well that night because we are both still having nightmares about your stupidity, and by the way there were plenty of witnesses that got your license plate number and I hope the police caught you before you murdered someone. Oh, and by the way, the hand gesture you made when you went by us must be your IQ, before applying alcohol...


Ever noticed all the people here who have lots of kids? How do they do it in this economy?


Just left Myrtle for Spring Break and going back home. Myrtle Beach is a dude swamp, not many girls. Wish we had went to Panama City.


Guess what, Mayor Rhodes? We, the working people of Myrtle Beach, support Bike Week and we expect about 300,000 bikers here. After attending one of your city council meetings, several of us realized that most of the elected officials are just out of touch with the working class people and the real world, but that Mike guy on city council is really cool. In today's economy ... what world are you living in? Do you live in a cave in a mini-golf course or under a rock at the state park?

The bikers and economy have won!