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Myrtle Beach area firefighters finish first at firefighter combat challenge

Firefighters from the Myrtle Beach area finished first in a relay division at the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge held in Indianapolis, Ind., according to officials.

Team Myrtle Beach Fire participated in the challenge held during the weekend at the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference.

“The competition was very tight at FDIC this year,” said Lt. Steve Schuessler, team captain. “Coming home with a first place finish at the beginning of the season is just the start of the momentum Team Myrtle Beach will carry throughout the year, until the World Firefighter Combat Challenge is in our hometown this November. We are very excited and look forward to a challenging, but successful year.” Team Myrtle Beach members include team captain, Schuessler, Jason Chudzinski, Frank Domingoes, Dwayne Harris and Tad Rubin. Harris and Chudzinski placed third in the tandem event.

“In everyday life these competitors face rigorous challenges in their life-saving duties,” said Paul Davis, president and founder of the challenge. “Throughout the competition, at FDIC, a new set of challenges unfolded, from record-breaking temperatures to the toughest of the toughest competitors. Once again, they rose to the occasion and showed what the fireman is made of. We congratulate all who competed.” Annually, the challenge attracts hundreds of U.S. and Canadian municipal fire departments at more than 25 locations and is expanding to countries around the world, including New Zealand, Slovenia, France, Poland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, and South Africa, according to officials.

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