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Myrtle Beach woman reports nude man exposing himself near her apartment

A Myrtle Beach woman told police that on Saturday afternoon it was the third time she had seen a man near her backyard nude and masturbating, according to a police report.

The woman called police at 1 p.m. Saturday to Tindal Street to report the incident, police said. She said she was in her backyard when she saw the man near the porch of a nearby apartment.

The woman went to a neighbor’s house and called police, according to the report. Officers questioned two men in nearby apartments, but were not able to identify the man.

One of the men questioned, who is on home detention and wears an ankle bracelet, told police he stood at his door, according to the report. The other man said he was clothed and that there is a lot of foot traffic in that area wit people crossing from Tindal Street to Blynn Drive.