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Pelz teaches sand play on phone

Short game guru Dave Pelz has produced a 10-part "Greenside Sand" lesson module that will soon be available as an iPhone application. The app is $1.99 for download and is designed to give a player a complete working plan for better play in sand. Pelz says the methods are easy to follow, and he walks golfers through every step. Anyone interested in receiving news about the app, when it goes on sale and how it can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store, can send an email to with the subject header: "Sand App."

Clothes fit for a king

The new Arnold Palmer apparel line that was formally announced Wednesday at the Bay Hill Classic is the result of a partnership between Arnold Palmer Enterprises and the duo behind Toronto-based Quagmire Golf clothing, Geoff Tait and Bobby Pasternak. The "Arnie" golf and lifestyle apparel line is inspired by the looks and fabrics Palmer wore during the peak decades of his playing career. The line is imbued with the casual aesthetic that distinguished Palmer as a trend setter and style icon. The Arnie collection was developed after looking through Palmer's personal library of photographs from the 1950s, '60s and '70s, and archives of historically significant garments. The pieces will retail from $79 and up, and are set for three deliveries in 2012, each with a distinct aesthetic.

The 1950s Collection will be launched in February 2012. During that period, Palmer showcased slim, clean-fitting clothes. His tops were distinguished by short plackets, small collars and shorter sleeves. Palmer tended to prefer his pants fitted and his outfits were often highlighted by the color red, which is exclusively found in the 1950s collection. The 1960s Collection will be shipped in April. Wider legged pants, wider collars and longer shirt plackets were the style of the day. Palmer's staple color of blue is exclusively found in the 1960s collection. The 1970s Collection will be shipped in July. While piloting his own plane around the world, Palmer's chose shirts with slightly wider collars and long plackets, but the fit of his pants more closely resembled a modern boot cut. His color palette also became more subdued, therefore grey is the signature color of the 1970s collection. In the Fall, additional information will be available at