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My bedroom is next to the one bathroom in the house; at night, when I go to sleep, my dad is in there dropping bombs. Each flush after flush serves as a warning not to enter. It's so sad, one bathroom, and this old guy drinking laxatives! I can't wait to go off to college and not live with this crap. Get it?


To the Bozo in the new sparkly dark blue SUV that had the balls to HONK at me as you were speeding through the red light in North Myrtle Beach on Sunday around 3:10 p.m.: I hope my backpack, elbow and shoes put some scratches on your side view mirror and door. You had two other empty lanes! Too bad I didn't get your plate number! You'd be in jail for attempted vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, leaving the scene of hitting a pedestrian (who BTW had the right of way), running a red light and of course, speeding! Karma's a female dog and will bite you real soon. I hope at the same time you lose your license!


Why does every club or bar in Myrtle Beach always get taken over by ghetto and redneck trash? There are no clubs or nice places to meet professional people here. Who ever said that Myrtle Beach has a bad single scene is right. The guys out number the girls here 30-to-1 where ever you go. Several single guy friends have told me they are not coming back here. There are so many more guys here that the few single girls who are here, maybe 20, will manipulate the hell out of any guy. Ever notice if you go to other towns like Charleston where there are an equal amount of females to males how much more social and nice the ladies appear? It's true. Myrtle Beach has a really bad problem marketing itself. They are just too dumb to know any better.