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New this week in Myrtle Beach area theaters

The Lincoln Lawyer | A lawyer conducts business from the back of his Lincoln town car while representing a high-profile client in Beverly Hills. He soon learns no fee in the world is high enough to pay for the deadly workload. R. Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe.

Limitless | A struggling writer unlocks the full potential of his brain by taking an experimental drug that gives him extraordinary mental abilities. PG-13. Starring: Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro and Abbie Cornish.

Paul | Two average sci-fi geeks embark upon a pilgrimage in an RV to the center of America's UFO heartland. R. Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Seth Rogen.

Battle: Los Angeles | A Marine platoon fights to prevent an alien invasion in the city of Los Angeles. PG-13. Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and Ramon Rodriguez.

Mars Needs Moms | A tech-savvy Earthman and a rebel Martian join Milo in his quest to rescue his kidnapped mother from the Martians. PG. Starring: Seth Green, Dan Fogler and Elizabeth Harnois.

Red Riding Hood | Valerie learns that she has a connection to the werewolf that has been terrorizing her village. PG-13. Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman and Billy Burke.

The Adjustment Bureau | A rising congressman battles the agents of Fate to be with a gorgeous ballerina he loves. PG-13. Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and Anthony Mackie.

Beastly | After a spurned classmate curses him, a teen will be forever ugly unless he can find someone that will love him as he is - a task he considers impossible. PG-13. Starring: Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen.

Rango | A pet chameleon that aspires to be a great hero finds himself in a Western town plagued by bandits and is forced to play the role of sheriff in order to protect it. PG. Starring: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and Abigail Breslin.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son | Malcolm Turner and his stepson go under cover at an all-girls school for the performing arts to find a killer. PG-13. Starring: Martin Lawrence, Brandon T. Jackson and Jessica Lucas.

Unknown | A man awakens from a coma only to find that someone has taken his identity and that no one recognizes him, not even his wife. PG-13. Starring: Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger and January Jones.

Gnomeo and Juliet 3D | Love-struck garden gnomes try to find a happy ending to their star-crossed love affair when they become caught up in a feud. G. Starring: James McAvoy, Emily Blunt and Michael Caine.

Just Go With It | A plastic surgeon enlists the help of his loyal assistant and her kids to land the woman of his dreams. PG-13. Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker.

The King's Speech | An Australian actor tries to help England's Prince Albert overcome a speech impediment. R. Starring: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter.