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New golf product to the market (March 17)

Boccieri Golf 'Control Series' clubs

Boccieri Golf, maker of the Heavy Putter and Heavy Wedge lines, has produced a "Control Series" of counter-weighted drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons that are now available at select retailers and Each of the new clubs is strategically engineered with a 50-gram backweight in the butt-end of the shaft to improve tempo and stability and help a golfer consistently deliver the sweet spot to the ball. Designed to be played as a full-set, each club shares a matching shaft profile to maintain dependable performance throughout.

The Heavy Driver features a 460cc titanium head and incorporates "Dimple Face Technology." It was developed to maximize the coefficient of restitution (COR) without decreasing durability, allowing better weight distribution throughout the head, which has slightly more mass than traditional offerings to maximize distance. The driver is available in 9 and 10 degree options with a variety of flexes in a premium Aldila NVS shaft. The Heavy Wood and Heavy Hybrid clubs are constructed of 17-4 stainless steel with a special face insert made of 455 steel. The woods will be available in 15 and 19 degrees, and the Heavy Hybrid is 20 degrees. The Heavy Irons are designed to improve overall consistency, with a head weight of approximately 8 grams more than conventional irons. The extra weight combines with the counter-weight to raise the balance point for control. The new collection is one quarter inch shorter than irons from other leading manufacturers, promoting smoother transition and consistent contact.

A set of Heavy Irons (4-pw) retails for $749.99, Heavy Hybrids are $159.99, a Heavy Driver is $399.99 and Heavy Woods are $199.99. To prove the superiority of its new line, Boccieri Golf has created the "Heavyweight Challenge." Taking place at various retailers nationwide, the initiative allows consumers to test the company's products head-to-head against other leading manufactures, and participants receive a complimentary sleeve of Bridgestone balls or custom logo hat. Call 888-788-8374 or visit