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Ask for a ruling with Cory Armstrong

QMy driver has moveable weights. What would be the ruling if one came loose or even broke free of the clubhead during the round? - Jim (Wilmington, N.C.)

ADecision 4-2/0.5 discusses a similar situation regarding lead tape that has become detached. As long as the damage took place during the normal course of play, the lead tape may be placed back onto the club in the same location. If that bit of lead tape won't remain on the club in the same location, new tape could be used. Every effort should be made to restore the club, as nearly as possible, to its previous condition. Alternatively, the club could be used in its "damaged" state without the lead tape for the remainder of the round.

So, logically, the removable weights in your driver could be tightened or replaced if they became loose or damaged in the normal course of play.

Next week I'll explain the meaning of the term "normal course of play." Spoiler alert. It doesn't include breaking a shaft over your partner's head after he misses a two-foot putt.