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I'd like to know why all these people run around with lots of gold jewels, diamonds and sometimes gold teeth plus the Lexus they drive into the projects. A girl asked me for a ride from a gas station who had a Lexus that had broken down. I took her home because she said she had to get to her babies because the father said he was leaving the babies alone. I never give a ride out of fear. I drove her home and damned if she didn't live in the projects, a condo that was government paid for and she was bragging about it. She was telling me she paid for nothing, the public assistance did. Pissed me off! People like me that have chronic or terminal problems can't get a break. We juggle our medicine as of what we can afford that month. Do I get my heart or blood pressure medicine this month?


I would like to know why someone who claims to love you so much every day goes and does everything they wish to do and do not make plans with you or give you any time whatsoever, but expect you to drop your plans when they decide they finally want to spend time with you?


About 85 percent of girls in this town are uneducated, washed-up hos who date the sh-test and dumbest-looking guys in the world. So just how long being a drug-infested tramp? People in Hollywood like Sheen and Lohan have the goods and money to get help, but how are you going to get help by working crappy minimum wage jobs in Myrtle Beach? I would love for bars to allow people to enter based on IQ scores, would be some empty places. I'm a real woman who can think and provide. Thank God!


Just noticing this Spring Break in Myrtle Beach...It's 95 percent guys! Where are all the girls at? Every bar and club, it's all guys and they seem happy and dancing among each other. No offense, but has MB turned into some kind of gay resort? What's going on? I've never seen the male/female ratio so off balance anywhere as it is here. Who is doing the marketing for this town? Write to the Chamber!