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Search for missing Andrews woman gives mother renewed hope for closure

Gail Soles is excited that a search by law enforcement this week in Andrews may have yielded clues about her daughter, who was last seen Jan. 24, 2005 in that area.

“I think it was a good search. Hopefully this is the right one and the right time,” Soles said Thursday morning when reached by telephone. “I really felt good about this search for some reason. I don’t know what it is. Maybe we’ll get a closure. We really need one. After six years it’s been really hard.”

Law enforcement and volunteers searched the area Wednesday and discovered some remains, said Soles, who hopes they are linked to her daughter Crystal Soles, who was 28 the last she was seen at Shaw's Corner Store near Jones Avenue and Main Street in Andrews.

Andrews Police Chief Jennifer Flowers, who organized the search, could not be immediately reached Thursday morning.

But those involved with the case said new tips about Crystal Soles prompted Wednesday's search.

“If this isn’t her, I will continue to keep looking and searching. She was my only baby girl. Waiting and waiting and waiting is hard to do. It’s the just not knowing,” Gail Soles said. “No matter what the outcome is I’m not giving up. I will never give up. I hope this is closure for our family. It has really been hard.”

Monica Caison, with the CUE Center for Missing Persons in Wilmington, N.C., said she was at the search with some volunteers and search dogs.

“Jennifer Flowers has done an incredible job with this case since she got a hold of it.

The information has always been out there and it’s been getting to the bottom of it. There’s been more information produced,” Caison said. “I’m glad that people want to help find Crystal. I always believe no matter how old a case is the community holds answers. Cases can take on a new life six, seven years later.”

Any details about a case can help investigators with new leads, no matter how insignificant the person may think the information is, Caison said.

“Sometimes years, later people hold back something that’s so small and trivial, but it could mean everything to law enforcement,” Caison said. “I always say just call the police and let them know.”

Anyone with information about Crystal Soles' disappearance can call Andrews police at 264-5223 or go to the website at