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Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (March 2)

This new series of golf tips will be dealing with several swing characteristics that are common with many golfers, but I am going to deal with tendencies from a physical limitation perspective. There are basically three reasons why a golfer does not improve when receiving golf instruction: 1. They do not understand the information. 2. They cannot physically do what the instructor is asking them to do. 3. The information is not correct. I am going to cover the most common swing characteristics that a teacher might address and show how the student may not be able to perform a correction because they have a deficiency in mobility and/or stability. I have two choices when I have swing characteristics that I want to change. I can work around the problem or send them to a physical specialist who can improve their physical limitation. I need to credit Dr. Greg Rose and my good friend Dave Phillips with the Titleist Performance Institute for much of this information. I am certified as a TPI Level One Golf Instructor.